Photonic Glycemia Trend Monitor

Not currently for sale. Available for technology transfer or for investment purposes.

PGTM at-a-Glance

PGTM is a wearable armband sensor performing continuous monitoring of glucose trends for use by people with diabetes. The PGTM sensor main function is to provide alerts when the blood glucose is rapidly falling or rising from normal levels. It helps prevent hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia conditions since monitoring is done all around the clock. PGTM is typically worn over the upper-arm triceps.

Immediate feedback

Imagine being able to prevent most hypoglycemia at the earliest symptoms. If you care for a child or elder who has difficulty feeling the onset of hypoglycemia, PGTM is your safeguard.

Comfortable & Simple to use

With a single button operation, PGTM is the most user-friendly glucose sensor on the market. Simply strap with an adhesive, turn on, and you are on your way. PGTM is small and lightweight and adheres to your skin. Simply wear it as a garment

Proactive diabetes management

Good glucose control is a key factor in reducing the risk of the long-term complications of diabetes. PGTM is an effective solution to help you keep in control and prevent hypoglycaemia.

Daily usage

Wake up (change to other arm with new adhesive)
Daytime (do normal routine)
Alarm (test BG, take glucose)
Sleep (same protection)

How it works?

The PGTM straps onto upper arm, with the measuring head in direct contact with the skin.
PGTM sends near infrared light which enter and and bounce back out of dermis at a certain angle. Light rays are caught by detectors on the measuring head.
A narrow average angle means that there is less glucose in the dermis.
A wide average angle means that there is more glucose in the dermis.
U.S. Patent № 7,623,988