Total Organic Carbon Monitor

Instacarb constantly monitors the level of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water. It is used for both freshwater and wastewater monitoring. In freshwater, TOC monitoring helps determine the optimal level of water treatment and avoid undesirable bacterial growth. Wastewater plants need to perform frequent measurements to comply with the regulatory limits of TOC rejects. With its pre-settable level alarms, Intacarb is perfect for all those applications.


  • Continuous TOC measurements
  • Changes in water chemical composition indicator
  • Self-cleaning flowcell
  • Water temperature measurement
  • Webpage interface
  • Time-stamped data
  • SMS & E-mail alerts


  • Municipal freshwater plants
  • Processsed food water
  • Pharma water monitoring
  • Wastewater monitoring

Principle of operation

Instacarb advanced UV Spectroscopic Flow Cell monitors light attenuation at multiple wavelengths. The calibration in TOC units uses a sophisticated proprietary algorithm. User-selectable calibration schemes are used to better adapt to organic chemical components in water. This yields higher accuracy in the continuous water monitoring process. A unique method keeps the flowcell continuously cleaned. No consumable supplies like acids are required, making Instacarb the most carefree device on the market.