Wearable Temperature Sensor

Currently available for licensing. Read here how to include this unique technology in your next device.

BODY is a patented algorithm to determine the body core temperature of a wearer. The BODY algorithm is easily incorporated in any commercial Smartwatch with the addition of two low cost temperature sensors. From those measurements, BODY dynamically computes the Core Temperature of a wearer. The computed core temperature stays accurate even in wide changes of ambient temperatures or wind conditions. The BODY algorithm is based on a dynamic model that take into account the thermal capacities of the skin and the device.


The graph below illustrates how the BODY algorithm adapts to large swings of ambient temperature. There are two temperature sensors, one in contact with a wearer’s skin (Tskin), and another on top of the device (Tcase). As can be seen on the graph, Tskin does not represent the actual body temperature (Tbody). Even in spite of ambient temperature changes (Tambient), the BODY algorithm determines the body temperature (Tbody measured), which is very close to actual body temperature.

Measured body and ambient temperatures simulation

U.S. Patent № 7,289,927