ONSENS is an innovative company specializing in sensors and monitoring devices for environment, home automation, health and sport applications. ONSENS helps people and organisations by providing unique products and solutions for unmet market needs.

Building on a strong expertise in electronics, photonics and biophotonics, ONSENS is committed to provide the market with the best monitoring devices. What's more, ONSENS products are developed with great consideration for simplicity of utilisation, robustness and efficiency. Most of them are connected and part of the Internet of Things revolution (IoT).

ONSENS products are commercialized directly or through partnerships, joint-ventures or by license agreements. Tell us about your needs as we can develop dedicated solutions for our customers.

Markets and applications


ONSENS provides solutions for quantitative measurements of water quality. ONSENS manufactures continuous Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoring devices, one of the most important information required in water treatment plants. Ask us about our upcoming devices for detection of chemical contaminants in water sources.


ONSENS has a portfolio of patented wearable sensors technologies for health, sport and fitness applications. These are primarly the PGS and BODY for which licensing agreements or technology transfers agreements are available. ONSENS can also provide its unique expertise in that field and partner in the developement of new product and applications.