BODY wearable temperature sensor is currently available for licensing. Find out here how you could embed this unique technology in you next device.


Wearable body temperature sensor

BODY is a patented technology used to minimize ambient temperature changes over body temperature measurements from skin. Its algorithm dynamically calculates the body temperature of a person from two temperature sensors. A device built using the BODY algorithm is totally non-invasive and provides high accuracy and continuous use. The whole sensor's assembly is wearable, miniature and low cost. It is ideal for embedding in fitness devices or for use by workers in extreme environments.


The graph besides illustrates how the BODY algorithm adapts to large swings of ambient temperature. There are two temperature sensors, one in contact with a wearer's skin (Tskin), and another on top of the device (Tcase). As can be seen on the graph, Tskin does not represent the actual body temperature (Tbody). The BODY algorithm solves this problem using computing to obtain the measured body temperature (Tbody measured), which is very close to actual body temperature in spite of ambient temperature changes (Tambient).

Measured body and ambient temperatures simulation

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