Total Organic Carbon monitoring device

In today modern water supply infrastructures, real-time monitoring of measurements is required to provide the quality and safety that people are expecting. One of the most critical parameter to monitor in water supplies is total organic carbon (TOC). TOC measurement allows determination of treatment required to avoid bacteriological growth in water distribution systems. Wastewaters often require TOC measurements to insure compliance to existing regulations. INSTACARB is perfectly suited for those applications by performing a reliable real-time monitoring of TOC.

INSTACARB can be installed before and after treatment in any drinking or wastewater plant.



As soon as power is turned-on, the measurement and data logging cycles starts and never stops. Insuring 365 days / 24 hours mission critical monitoring.


Sends SMS, Emails and activates a relay output to signal a central on various control parameters or faulty conditions


Inside water pipes and flowcell are continuously self cleaned by design. No need for hazardous and costly acid supplies.


NEMA waterproof casing protects electronics in environmental conditions typically found in water pumping and treatment stations.


Built-in Ethernet port allowing to connect the internet. Up to 2 optional industry standard isolated analog outputs and optional Modbus port.


Continuous TOC measurements
Water temperature measurements
Time-stamped calibration logs
Built-in high capacity data logger
Programmable intervals
SMS/Email alerts
Easy multi-language web interface
Over/under temperature protection
Water leakage alarm

Typical applications

Municipal drinking water treatment
Processed food water
Pharma industry water
Municipal wastewater treatment
Pulp and paper wastewater
Processed food wastewater
Agricultural wastewater


Size (H x W x D)30 x 26 x 19cm
Input Voltage range90-265Vac
Input Current< 0.80A @ 115Vac,
< 0.60A @ 230Vac
Safety approvals CB, CE, cULus, TUVgs
Operating Temperature0 to 45°C
Operating Humidity5 to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French
Analog out (optional)(2x) 4-20mA isolated
Modbus (optional)RS-485 isolated
Measurement range0 to 200mg/l
Calibration1, 2 or 4 pts
Unitsmg/l and °C
Accuracy+/- 8%
Memory105216 data points
Logging intervals5sec to 24Hr
Input/output ports1/4" BSPP

Principle of operation

INSTACARB incorporates an advanced UV spectroscopic flowcell which monitors light attenuation at numerous wavelengths. The calibration in TOC units is made using a sophisticated proprietary algorithm. Many calibration schemes are available to adapt to different chemical compositions of waters. This yields higher accuracy, ease of use and with continuous monitoring of the treatment processes.

A unique method and construction insures all water pipes and flowcell inside the system stay continuously cleaned. No consumable supplies such as acids are required, making INSTACARB the most carefree device on the market.